Brooklyn Baby!

Bio: Life is a lady in high heels running for a plane with a flute of champagne; elegant, messy, & all about timing! A business ambassador, I'm skilled at getting you to the heart of the matter, breaking it down & sharing the best you have to offer with your public. Share your dream, let's make a plan & go do it! Born in Philly as the eldest of a can-do, have - not clan, I was the chunky quiet kids who read a lot. Living off the pages in the now has lead me from the ragged row-houses of West Philly to the safaris of South Africa to the gun ranges of Normandy to the heart of Brooklyn. Today, I am a proud principal of NY's first French-Mexican bistro, Jolie Cantina, nestled in leafy Carroll Gardens Brooklyn. New York is made of three tribes: natives, tourists & those who came to do something. Some days, I made two steps forward only to take five back. But the determination to keep moving forward has consistently made small ideas a bountiful reality. Let me walk with you to your goal - the you can sprint through the finish line! I've learned nothing is perfect, angels walk amongst us, a joke is a cure, friends are priceless, & everything is everything. Amazing things are happening right now, let's get at it! If you love it, do it...

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